BILI Stock Forecast (26-04-21)

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Our blog post for this week focuses on the BILI Stock Forecast analysis.


Chances are, if you are not staying in the Eastern part of the globe.


Or a savvy stock investor.


Or into video sharing themed around Chinese related comics, online games and animation. 


Then I would not be surprised if you have never heard of this fast rising stock called Bilibili Inc. (NASDAQ : BILI)






After an absolutely explosive year in 2020, where the stock shot up six fold.


Many investors should now be paying much attention to this red hot stock backed by the likes of Alibaba and Tencent.


Currently, the BILI Stock Forecast using Elliott Wave analysis seems to indicate 2 possible scenarios.


(A) Either the Wave 4 correction in White has completed and BILI is in the midst of a Wave 5 rally in White.


(B) Or BILI is in the midst of making a more complex WXY corrective structure in Blue to complete the larger Wave 4 in White.




Long Term Optimistic View


Personally, I am more inclined towards the “Optimistic” view that the BILI Stock Forecast is in the midst of a 5th Wave rally in White as stated in option (A).


But I am also wary that BILI share price might rally a bit more to create a “Bull Trap” scenario.


And then drop again due to weakening global fundamentals from the overall industry as a whole.


However, I still believed in the growth story of BILI and it overall larger trajectory moving forward.



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