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Disclaimer Policy

The use of any or all of the information and products and/or services found on this website such as  email newsletters, courses, affiliate recommendations or any other communication channels must be based on your own due diligence. 

The founders, partners and associates of this website are not liable and cannot guarantee your future results and/or successes, nor will we take responsibility for your actions in regards to any such risks.

The examples and trade setups used on this website are purely for education and learning purposes only.

DISCLAIMER NOTE : Trade setups are NOT a "Buy" or "Sell" representation. 

We cannot claim or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve similar or equivalent results.

Each individual’s success depends on his or her own personal experience, background, motivation as well as dedication, commitment and hard work.

Trading any form of financial instruments involves risks.

On occasion I will also promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale that are not my own.

Anything you find reviewed and recommended on this website will be based on my own personal experience and on the rare occasion, the personal experience of my trusted peers.

I work hard to do my own due diligence before reviewing or recommending any product or service so that my members and readers are getting the best advice.

On occasion I may receive compensation by commission when recommending certain products and services if an affiliate program is offered for that product or service but the recommendations you find on this website will not be biased by the potential affiliate commissions.

Instead, these are recommendation based on my personal experience and what I believe to be the best.

DISCLAIMER NOTE : I always recommend you do your own due diligence before making a purchase!