Fastly Stock Forecast (22-05-21)

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Here’s a quick update on the status of the Fastly stock forecast.



One of the edge computing platform that we have been tracking for a while.



Based on the current Elliott Wave Analysis on Fastly (NYSE:FSLY).



The Fastly stock forecast are showing that there might be a strong confluence for a rebound around the $25-$35 region.



EW market structure seems to indicate that the larger WXY correction.



Where the Y-Leg is made up of an ABC Zig Zag is coming close to completion.



Currently, it is pending the last 5th wave drop of the smaller degree.



This also coincides with the Fibonacci Confluence of both the Fibo Retracement zone of 78.6% to 88.6% ( Harmonic Gartley or Bat ).



As well as the Fibo Extension zone of 100% to 138.2%.



Statistically speaking, both are high possibility inflexion zones where prices are likely to make a “U” turn.



If investors still believe in Fastly’s growth trajectory, accept the shock loss of their CFO.



And can look beyond the short term setback where the edge-computing specialist came up slightly short of estimates in its first-quarter earnings report.



Then, the prognosis for going forward for the Fastly stock forecast will be an rebound rally that could double to triple your investments.



Trade Safe and never risk more than 1% to 2% of your account equity on any trades.



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