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NIO Elliott Wave Analysis (19-10-21)

  Current Market Dynamics   The latest NIO Elliott Wave Analysis seems to have taken a “Contrasting” view of how our blog has viewed the Chinese electric car maker from what happened in the past few months.     Previously, our view was that NIO may drop even deeper for a potential “Double Combo” Wave 4 correction in White.   This was due to the China govt’s hostile crackdown across all sectors at that point in time.   But the latest price action based on our current NIO Elliott Wave Analysis seems to show otherwise.   It seems like the political
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NIO Elliott Wave Analysis (18-07-21)

  Contrary to prevailing buoyant market sentiments.   Our blog’s NIO Elliott Wave Analysis has taken a diverging view to most main stream analyst’s opinions.   Being a contrarian trader has always worked well for me in the past.   Sometimes, being able to view the financial markets differently from most traders has its advantages.   Somehow, it has allowed me to better understand how the Big Boys work behind the scenes to manipulate the markets.   And often, the best trading outcomes has always been trades that are able to ride on the coattails of the Big Boys.  
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NIO Elliott Wave Analysis (15-03-21)

Chances are, if you mention the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, TESLA will be at the first EV stock that comes to mind.   But lo and behold, TESLA’s share price has already rocketed off way all the way to the “Red Planet”, way faster than SpaceX ever did, punt intended.   And if you are like me, constantly hot on the trails of similar EV stocks in the same industry.   Constantly scrutinizing similar EV stocks whose share price have not yet rocketed.   Then, you should also be familiar with other up and coming EV growth stocks like NIO,
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