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NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis ( 03-07-20 )

   NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis  Forex Pair : NZD/USD   Date : 3rd July 2020   Time Frame : 4 Hr    A-Leg In The Larger Degree  Let’s recap our NZDUSD Elliott Wave analysis when it began the reversal move.   The rally on the Kiwi started on the 19th of March 2020.   Similar to the Aussie, the Kiwi is also considered a “Commodity” currency.   Hence, its movement can sometimes be quite similar to its neighbor currency.   The first A-leg in the larger degree seems to have made a 5 wave “Leading Diagonal” with an internal 3-3-3-3-3 structure.   Let’s break it down with more details.   Wave [1] in black began the move topside with a (w)-(x)-(y)
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AUDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis ( 22-06-20 )

        AUDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis Forex Pair : AUD/USD   Date : 22nd June 2020   Time Frame : 4 Hr     A-Leg In The Larger Degree Let’s recap our AUDUSD Elliott Wave analysis on the Aussie when it began reversing and gaining strength on the 19th March 2020.   The first leg of the rally looks to have kickoff with a 5 wave “Leading Diagonal” chart pattern in the form of wave [1] in black.   This is followed by a wave [2] in black in the form of a shallow (W)-(X)-(Y) correction in blue
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    USD/JPY Elliott Wave Analysis Forex Pair : USD/JPY       Date : 7th May 2020       Time Frame : 4 Hr       Elliott Wave Analysis :       Lest’s start our USDJPY Elliott Wave Analysis on the 4Hr chart.   The chart seems to be showing the possibility of the completion of an internal 5-3-5 ABC corrective structure for the (X) wave of the larger (W) (X) (Y) correction in the higher time frame.       Breaking it down, we can observe the following price action sequence unfolding for the (X)
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