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BILI Stock Forecast (26-04-21)

    Our blog post for this week focuses on the BILI Stock Forecast analysis.   Chances are, if you are not staying in the Eastern part of the globe.   Or a savvy stock investor.   Or into video sharing themed around Chinese related comics, online games and animation.    Then I would not be surprised if you have never heard of this fast rising stock called Bilibili Inc. (NASDAQ : BILI)       OVERVIEW   After an absolutely explosive year in 2020, where the stock shot up six fold.   Many investors should now be paying much
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Beyond Meat Elliott Wave Forecast (19-04-21)

  BEYOND MEAT ELLIOTT WAVE FORECAST   Before we begin our Beyond Meat Elliott Wave Forecast for this week.   For those who are not familiar with Beyond Meat Inc. (NASDAQ: BYND) , here is a quick introduction.   In a nutshell, Beyond Meat Inc. is a producer of plant based meat substitutes.   The company genetically designs alternative food products to simulate commonly eaten meats like pork, chicken and beef.   After its IPO, BYND began its initial rally from May 2019 as an impulsive 5-wave move in the form of a (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5) sequence in Blue.   Reaching an
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Raffles Medical Group Elliott Wave Chart Analysis (11-04-21)

OVERVIEW   Raffles Medical Group (BSL) was once considered the “Blue Chip” healthcare stock in Singapore.   Apparently, that was the “Previous” view a couple of years ago.   That was way before Raffles Medical Group decided to expand overseas.   And venture in the massive China markets.   When COVID hit our shores early last year, many investors are betting on this Healthcare stock to rise to the occasion.   Well, things did not quite turn out as expected, did it?   But at least for now BSL share prices seems to seeing some signs of a recovery.  
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