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FASTLY Elliott Wave Analysis (26-01-21)

  Here’s is a quick update on our FASTLY Elliott Wave Analysis.   Recently, the US markets has been really bullish following the inauguration of their new president.   And as the saying goes, “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”, our short bias on FASTLY seems to have hit a snag.   If there is any lesson I learned over the years that I have been trading the financial markets.   That is to “Never” go against the trends of Mr. Market.   Trust me when I say that the “MARKETS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT”!   No matter how much analysis
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FASTLY Elliott Wave Analysis (11-01-21)

Brief History   Before we begin our FASTLY Elliott Wave Analysis. For those who are not too familiar with Fastly Inc (NYSE : FSLY), here’s a short and quick introduction.   Essentially, Fastly Inc. operates an edge cloud platform for processing and securing it’s client’s data and applications.   Its wide customer base includes clients in the digital publishing, media and entertainment, online retail, travel and hospitality as well as the financial technology sectors.   A little side trivia before we begin . . .   Did you know that this company was formerly known as SkyCache Inc. before changing
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